The Negotiation Academy specialises exclusively in negotiation. We influence the profitability and market value of global companies across the world’s largest economies. Through our negotiation consulting and negotiation training we provide tailored solutions to support their commercial negotiation needs and live negotiation challenges. Together with our clients we optimise the commercial opportunities they have created.

The Negotiation Academy offers the most effective negotiation training available for negotiators in today’s market. Negotiation is a fundamental business skill. We work with professionals to enhance their negotiating skills. The Negotiation Academy combines simple behavioural techniques with proven negotiation strategies to unlock vital information about the other party’s true position, true objectives and true constraints.

Why choose us


The one-to-one training is based on your specific needs. We will select the most appropriate consultant to support you in planning your negotiation effectively.


The Negotiation Academy ensures client discretion and confidentiality as well as observing cultural considerations and awareness at all times.


We have a team of experts who are passionate about negotiating and have extensive experience in providing top level negotiation training to global companies.


Through our expertise & partnerships, we are able to deliver various concierge options & premium services 24/7/365


The Negotiation Academy can advise individuals and organisations on effective negotiation solutions for their respective circumstances.


The Negotiation Academy is a leading negotiation academy and can deliver training courses anywhere in the world.

Our mission

At The Negotiation Academy we provide development programmes and negotiation training to our clients. We work with you to understand your challenges and performance needs. Our negotiation consultants come from your industry and will support you with a ‘complete’ solution that embeds learning, measures capability and delivers sustainable change.

A lot of our new business members come through referrals and that’s probably the best endorsement you can get.

    • Efficiency
    • Bespoke Service
  • Client Confidentiality
    • Quality Service
    • Always Professional
  • Exceed Expectations

Our experience

Negotiation 95%
Management 80%
Leadership 85%
Business Services 80%

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